Since its inception thirty years ago, The European School’s aim has been to offer excellence in education to children from all walks of life.

ASACE (Asociacion Amigos del Colegio Europeo) was created in 1991 for two purposes:

   To offer students from less privileged backgrounds the possibility of obtaining a first-rate education.

 To act as a safety net for families going through rough financial times. 

The European School views educational scholarships as a means of giving relief to those in need and as a way to ensure a proper mix of cultural and socio-economic backgrounds in the student population.

Until now, the funding for these scholarships has come almost exclusively from the European school and external donors. We believe it is time for ASACE to become an independent organization, one that generates funds either through students who were once helped by ASACE or through new initiatives. Doing so will enable The European School to better focus on its own mission: that of educating students in ever-expanding grounds.

Our first event: ASACE ECO TRAIL RACE, took place on November 2019. It was a great success, a joint effort between The European School administrative team and parents with a child on scholarship.

Now, we are preparing its second edition on February 12th, 2022. The race will take place in Finca Vikingos, a large open coffee field in Birri. This fun-filled family activity is open to people of all ages whilst keeping in mind The European School’s philosophy. Ever mindful of keeping things 100% eco-friendly, participants will bring their own water bottles and ASACE will provide the liquid. The culmination of the event will be a picnic; participants may buy food that will be up for sale inside the Casona.